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The Benefits of Proprietary Skincare

What is proprietary skincare

Proprietary skincare products are specially developed by one company using unique and exclusive formulations and technologies. The term "proprietary" indicates that the brand holds the rights to the specific formulations, making them distinct from other products on the market.

What are the benefits? 

Proprietary skincare can offer benefits derived from exclusive ingredients or technologies. These ingredients or technologies may be protected by patents, meaning other brands cannot replicate them exactly. 

Additionally, the brand has control over the entire product development process. This control allows them to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their products. They can also optimise the formulation to address specific skincare concerns or target specific skin types.

Status Quo is Proprietary Skincare. 
Status Quo was exclusively developed by German-born scientist Sigrid Vorwerk and her international team. Combining her most innovative advancements in skin and cell health, Sigrid and her team created the Status Quo 3-Step Routine to target all 3 pillars of beautiful, healthy skin: 
✔️ Anti-ageing 
✔️ Hydration 
✔️ Skin Barrier 
You can learn more about Our Science here
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