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The Status Quo Story

Our Philosophy | A Note from our Founder | Giving Back | Sustainability


Skin Health First.

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin.

Our formulations repair and strengthen the skin barrier and help prevent inflammation and skin Inflammageing’.

The result is strong, resilient, healthy skin that can protect itself against external aggressors that cause ageing, and optimally absorb and work with skin-transforming active cosmeceutical ingredients.

Your skin is important, and so is your time. We believe in a refined ritual of potent, high performance skincare which is why every Status Quo product targets the Status Quo Ultimate 3- Anti-ageing, Hydration and Skin Barrier- for your most beautiful, youthful complexion.


"My vision is for Status Quo to give you the best skin of your life, for a lifetime." - Madeleine Qiu

"Navigating skincare can be overwhelming. For me, the feeling of assurance in knowing I’m giving my skin science-backed and expertly developed one-of-a-kind formulations is priceless.

Having suffered skin issues, I know first hand how devastating it can feel. My goal is for every person to look in the mirror and feel the confidence of beautiful skin. This inspired ‘I love my skin’ to feature on our packaging in the hope this important message is brought to life with every use.

With our busy lives finding a moment for yourself can seem impossible. We developed Status Quo to give you the transformative results you deserve, in a refined ritual. It’s your moment for beautiful skin."


Your Purchase Helps Children in Need.

It is our mission to not only give you beautiful skin, but to give back to those in need.

With every purchase you make we will contribute to ChildFund, an independent international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in developing communities.

Sustainability and Status Quo

We are committed to doing our best, to constantly innovate and to look for ways to improve our environmental impact.  

Our formulas contain the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients and do not contain parabens, phthalates, fragrance, talc, heavy metals, petroleum, PEGS or mineral oil.

Our primary packaging (bottles and jars) are made from glass that is 100% recyclable and protects the purity of the formulas.

Our product boxes, shipping boxes, tissue paper, stickers and tape are 100% recyclable, Elemental Chlorine Free and use FSC Certified paper and soy or vegetable based ink.

Additionally our tissue paper, tape and stickers are acid free and compostable.