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Underpinned by Science. Not driven by trends.

Status Quo skincare is:


The Expertise.

With global experience spanning more than 30 years, multiple skincare patents and a Masters Degree from the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig, German-born scientist Sigrid Vorwerk has spent her career researching skin biology and developing innovative advancements focused on skin and cell health.

Leading an international team based in New Zealand, working in partnership with renowned dermatological laboratories in Italy, Sigrid combined her most cutting-edge technologies to develop powerful, potent formulations that target all 3 pillars of beautiful, healthy skin: Anti-ageing, Hydration and Skin Barrier.

The result?

Status Quo was born. A one-of-a-kind, transformative skincare ritual for your best skin.


We searched for the best.

Proven, patented and high performance ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world, dermatologically tested in Europe and produced in small batches in New Zealand.

Our products are a synergy of:

1. Active cosmeceutical ingredients.

2. Powerful plant extracts.

3. Expertly formulated for your ultimate skin.

We choose not to include harmful or questionable ingredients including parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, silicones, dyes and anything derived from petro-chemicals. All our products and ingredients are vegan and cruelty free.

Our packaging is made from glass to ensure the purity of our formulas.


What is inflammageing?

The term ‘Inflammageing’ literally combines the
words inflammation and ageing.

Inflammageing occurs when the body is exposed to chronic low grade inflammation, which accelerates the skin and the body’s ageing process.

It can cause your skin to age by reducing collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid, accelerating cell damage and impairing the skin barrier. This can result in increased wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sagging and loss of firmness, ‘age spots’, uneven skin tone and texture, irritation and acne.

How can I prevent Inflammageing?

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