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Skin Travel Tips with Status Quo Founder, Madeleine Qiu

(Main image by Sebastian Surmiak)

Status Quo Founder in Greece Skin Travel Tips

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My name is Madeleine Qiu and I'm the founder of Status Quo Skin. My husband, 18 month old daughter Emily Rose and I just returned from 3 weeks in Europe and I wanted to share my tips to help your skin stay radiant and healthy while you travel, and help prevent sun damage (the leading cause of ageing) for when you return home!

When Flying

1) I purchase travel size containers (like these) for long flights so I can do my skincare routine on the plane or at the airport, and arrive at my destination with glowing skin. We're hoping to come out with travel size Status Quo products next year!

2) I don't wear makeup on long haul flights otherwise I tend to breakout- it also makes it easier to do my skincare routine, as I don't need to remove any makeup first. 

2) I usually choose an aisle seat on the plane so I'm not sitting next to a window with prolonged sun exposure, and I wear sunscreen for daytime flights. 

3) I generally don't drink alcohol or coffee during long haul flights because it can cause dehydration. Your skin is already prone to dehydration on a plane due to the very low levels of humidity. 

On a Summer Vacation

Skin Travel Tips Status Quo Skin

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4) I always pack a few hats and will always wear one at the beach or when we're exploring. Hats can really pull an outfit together and have excellent sun protection. 

5) Staying consistent with my skincare routine while travelling is so important to me, and I love that my Status Quo routine is only 3 steps, so I don't need to bring 10 different skincare products with me. This was my first time travelling with our products, and I was very pleased how secure they stayed- no leakage at all. I especially love with our cleanser how it twists to lock and comes with the cap for extra protection.

6) I usually bring my silk pillowcase from home. Silk pillowcases can help prevent fine lines and dehydration (and cotton pillowcases can absorb your skincare if you're a side or stomach sleeper!). I also find some hotel's use harsh starches and detergents that can irritate my sensitive skin, which is why I like to bring my own pillowcase (and detergent if we're staying in an Air BnB with a washing machine).

6) I'll of course reapply sunscreen throughout the day, but I really try to utilise covering up with long sleeve clothing, UPF50+ swim shirts, sunglasses and hats as it is an easy way to help protect your skin. 

skin tips for travel status quo skin madeleine qiu

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7) And of course relax!

I know it can be easy to get caught up in the warm sun, beach hair and cocktails by the pool, devil-may-care summer vacation vibe, but it would be such a shame to bring home sun damage along with with your wonderful travel memories, after all the hard work you do to look after your skin! 

But we also want to relax and enjoy ourselves- so when it comes to looking after my skin on vacation, I do my best, and then I relax and not worry too much about it, and just enjoy the time with my husband and daughter. ❤️

(I was a bridesmaid at my oldest friend's wedding in Greece!)

Love, Madeleine xx