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Favourite Things #3

Welcome to the next instalment of 'Favourite Things' a series where I (Madeleine- Status Quo Founder) share a carefully curated list of my favourite things, designed to help you live your best life. 

#1 Hunza G Juno Bikini

hunza g bikinhi

After rising in popularity in the 90s after being worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Hunza G has become popular again due to their classic swimsuit cuts, being 'one size fits most/many' and sustainability stance- all their swimsuits are made in London and they are a carbon neutral company. I love that I can wear this swimsuit before, during and after my pregnancy, and the crinkle fabric feels luxe and timeless. *Note- the tops do not come with cups. Buy Hunza G Juno Bikini here. 

#2 Gucci Westman Makeup launches at Mecca

gucci westman at mecca

Luxe, clean makeup that has skin benefits and gorgeous packaging sounds like a dream come true. I have only heard good things about Westman Atelier makeup (from celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman) and am excited to try the Face Trace Contour Stick, Lit Up Highlight Stick and Baby Cheeks Blush. These feel like the sorts of makeup tools you could quickly slick over your beautiful, healthy, Status Quo-d skin to add a bit of colour (I run very pale so a bit of blush goes a long way with me). Buy Westman Atelier here at Mecca. 

#3 Holster slides for everyday comfort at home

holster slides

My podiatrist recommended these Australian-designed slides to me to wear around the house and I am obsessed. They have a contoured foot bed, adjustable straps, the sole is thick enough to be supportive but not too high- plus they're waterproof. They come in lots of colours and would be perfect for the beach to to wear to your pilates class. Buy Holster slides here. 

#4 Vanessa Megan Natural Fragrance

vanessa megan perfume

I overhauled my health and beauty routine when we were trying for our first baby, and one of the things I stopped wearing was perfume (I might wear perfume every couple of months now for a date night!) I pretty much got rid of scent with everything in my home and beauty routine, which I feel has benefited my health, and also made me extra sensitive to scents. I came across these Vanessa Megan fragrances which are made entirely of essential oils which intrigued me. I will wait until after I'm not pregnant to try them, and I think I'll try the perfume sampler first to see which one I like! I like the idea of having one signature fragrance that is non-toxic and I feel good wearing. Buy Vanessa Megan perfume here. 

#5 Vital Proteins Collagen

vital proteins

I have taken collagen supplements on and off for years, and whenever I'm 'on' I always notice a difference- in my skin, gut health and more. Plus I hear everyone sing their praises, from skin experts to my doctor, for a range of health benefits. I have enjoyed taking Vital Proteins because it dissolves easily in my coffee and I can't really taste it. Buy Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides here.