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Favourite Things #2

Welcome to the next instalment of 'Favourite Things' a series where I (Madeleine- Status Quo Founder) share a carefully curated list of my favourite things, designed to help you live your best life. Enjoy!

1. Status Quo 

I had to start with Status Quo since we are having an amazing Boxing Day sale with 20% off sitewide with code BOXING20. This even includes The Complete Set- which is already 10% off as a bundle- which makes it an incredible saving. This is a great time to stock up on your favourites or try Status Quo if you haven't already- I don't know when we will next do a sale but it won't be for a while. Use code BOXING20 for 20% off sitewide and offer ends 31st December.

2. Stanley 'The Quencher' Flowstate Tumbler

stanley quencher tumbler

You may have seen your favourite influencer using this giant water bottle/tumbler (I even saw Shea use it in last season's Dream Home Makeover- one of my favourite shows!) I received it for Christmas and have been *obsessed*- I had very high expectations and it really is that good. Firstly, it is HUGE- it holds 1.18L/40oz. This is why you need the one with the handle- it help you hold it up. But the size is perfect, because I only need to fill it up twice in a day and I meet my daily water quota. This is who I think it's perfect for:

- People who commute, because the bottom is slimmed down to fit perfectly into the bottle holder in your car, and you can easily sip from it (who else has had water pour down their face trying to drink from a wide-mouth water bottle in a car 😂) 

- Busy mums or busy people in general because you only need to fill it up twice a day!

- People who are trying to drink more water- this makes it SO easy and pleasurable to drink water. You can add ice and lemon for a refreshing and cold drink (the stainless steel insulation keeps it cold) You can easily bring it around your house from your bedside, to the kitchen, to your desk, to when you're watching TV. Plus the straw is pretty wide so it's easy to drink from. 

Unfortunately Stanley does not yet sell in Australia (but they do sell in NZ- here) I got my friend to bring this specific one for me from the US (my colour is Rose Quartz). The good news is you can buy it via Amazon with limited colours (it ships from the US- shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime) You can buy it here, here and here for a reasonable price- if you want other colours the prices are weirdly inflated. I have not seen this replicated by Hydroflask or Yeti so I would get the original in my opinion for the full experience. 

3. Necessaire The Deodorant Gel Fragrance Free

necessaire deodorant gel

I shared a review of the Necessaire The Deodorant Gel on my personal Instagram here, but wanted to add it to my Favourite Things list. This is truly the best aluminium free/clean deodorant I have used- and I have tried a LOT over the years. When you've used aluminium deodorant all your life, going aluminium free is rough because you have to accept that *aluminium is what stops you sweating* so aluminium free deodorants *will not stop you sweating*. But they can still ensure that you are odour-free and feeling fresh and this is where this deodorant delivers- plus it does not irritate my skin (even after shaving) or have a cheap vanilla or essential oil scent (it's fragrance free) and is free from parabens, pthalates, sulphates, alcohol, etc (all the things I don't want to put on my body). You can buy it here from Mecca. 

4. Organic Cotton Cleansing Cloths

wash cloths

I love to use a wash cloth as part of my evening cleansing routine- it makes my skin feel extra clean. My routine- I apply one pump of The Perfect Balance Gel Cleanser to wet skin, massage for 1 minute and then gentle wipe my face with one of these wet wash cloths. I then cleanse again with one pump and my face is left feeling soft and clean and balanced. Note- you *must* use a clean wash cloth each night, which is why it's good to buy a 10 pack. I have tried muslin cloths and microfibre cloths, and these cotton ones are my favourite, and not too abrasive. You can buy them here

5.  Dr. G Green Mild Up Sun+ Sunscreen

dr g sunscreen

I think I've saved the best for last- my favourite facial sunscreen. This is another thing I have spent years trying to find- most sunscreens irritate my skin, cause me to break out or clog my pores, are too oily or too drying or make my eyes burn and water. This sunscreen is not perfect, but it is definitely my favourite I've found so far (and I've tried SO many) and I *want* to wear it every day. This is the goal for sunscreen- to find one that works for YOU. I have to say that as it is a mineral sunscreen (not chemical) it does look white when I apply it, but on my skin this disappears after a few minutes (I'm just not sure about darker skin tones). It's currently on sale here - Buy one and get the 2nd 50% off with code DRG2SALE. This is an Australian company and ships in a reasonable time. It is also available here also on sale. I haven't bought from this website but I have heard it is legitimate (from reputable sources), but that they take a long time to ship (3-4 weeks).