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4 Sensitive Skin Myths Busted

Myth #1 Sensitive skin can't use active or cosmeceutical ingredients.

With our busy lives, increased pollution and overuse of harsh skincare products, more and more people are finding their skin is irritated, dehydrated, and showing fine lines, redness and breakouts- all signs of sensitive or sensitised skin.

Traditionally, those people with sensitive or sensitised skin have been told to avoid active or cosmeceutical ingredients, and were encouraged to use basic creams from the chemist, or even just to use water. Often these creams don't help with their symptoms, and don't assist with long-term anti-ageing and skin health goals. 

At Status Quo, we believe almost all skin types can benefit from active cosmeceutical ingredients, like Vitamin C, niacinamide and peptides. 

To achieve this goal, our philosophy centres on the importance of formulation and the exact science required to develop a transformative skincare ritual for sensitive skin in just 3 steps.

Our expert scientists focused on the 3 pillars of skin health, hydration and anti-ageing, used the highest quality, science-backed ingredients, and rigorously tested the formulations in conjunction with renowned European laboratories.

With more than 30 years experience and multiple patented formulations, our scientists were able to create a first-of-its-kind, powerful skincare line so all skin could benefit from active cosmeceutical ingredients, without the harsh side effects. 

Myth #2 Sensitive skin is always dry skin.

Sensitive skin is a genetic skin types and can come in all shapes and forms- dry, oily, and even combination. It does not only appear in dry skin, although some of the symptoms- dehydration, fine lines, redness or tightness- can feel more pronounced in those with dry skin. 

When it comes to sensitised skin, it is in fact common for oily skin types to experience sensitivity from using harsh skincare products to help address their oily skin or breakouts. This can still result in things like dehydration, tightness and fine lines- in fact it can be common for the skin to look and feel dehydrated, but to still have excess oil or sebum sitting on top of the skin or in the T-Zone. This is a common symptom of sensitised skin. 

The good news is that whether you have sensitive or sensitised skin, you can usually use the same skincare products to help treat and prevent the symptoms. 

Myth #3 'Natural' skincare is better for sensitive skin

Although it can seem like you're doing the best thing for your skin by using 'natural' skincare or ingredients, these products may not only be ineffective, but you could in fact be harming your skin. Just because they are found in nature, doesn't mean that plants, extracts or oils should be applied in their pure state- or even close to their pure state!- to your skin. Additionally, any positive ingredient they might contain- eg vitamins- may not actually benefit your skin by simply being applied topically. For example, your skin won't benefit from Vitamin C by rubbing an orange on it- all that would likely happen is your skin would become irritated. Ingredients like essential oils, for example, contain no proven benefits to the skin, and can in fact cause irritation and inflammation, which can lead to Inflammageing, or premature ageing. 

Most active cosmeceutical ingredients are carefully and specifically engineered in laboratories by scientists to be safe and beneficial to skin. They undertake rigorous testing to be both suitable for the skin and to prove their efficacy. It may not be as romantic sounding as using 'skincare directly from nature', but this will give you the best results for your skin. 

Interestingly, this same engineering and rigorous testing applies to the most high quality and effective plant extracts. We understand and appreciate the power of nature, but in order for these extracts and oils to be most beneficial and least irritating to the skin, they need to undergo specific scientific methods. For example, one of the ingredients in The Regenerative Facial serum is a fermented extract obtained through biotechnology from the microorganism Bacillus sp. isolated from a natural clay close to a natural park in NorthEastern Spain. 

At Status Quo, our formulations contain a mixture of active cosmeceutical ingredients and powerful plant extracts to provide you with the best results that address anti-ageing, hydration and skin barrier. 

Myth #4 Sensitive skin is uncommon

If you have ever experienced sensitive or sensitised skin you may feel like you're alone or in the minority, but in fact, 71% of people have self-declared sensitive skin, and this percentage may actually be higher depending on where you live. This percentage has increased significantly over the years, likely due to the impact of environmental factors and pollution, poorly formulated harsh skincare, and the increased use of products containing fragrance, essential oils and other potentially irritating ingredients. 

This is why most people could in fact benefit from skincare that delivers transformational results, while still helping to treat and prevent sensitive skin.